SmileSimplicity for Tooth Discoloration – Patient Testimonial & Procedure Overview

For more information, visit “The benefits of SmileSimplicity were that now I have a great smile, my teeth were not ground down…painless and quick.” -S. Brown, SmileSimplicity Patient This patient had severely discolored and mottled teeth, and her wedding day was rapidly approaching! Before SmileSimplicity, her options were to either face her groom, guests, and the camera with stained teeth or have her teeth forever cut down to accommodate traditional veneers so that she could have a white smile on her big day. Then she discovered the SmileSimplicity procedure. With only about a week before she walked down the aisle, SmileSimplicity saved her smile, saved her teeth, and saved her wedding day without removing sensitive tooth structure and without anesthetic injections, resulting in preserved dentition, next-to-perfection alignment, and a smile that’s a dazzlingly white complement to any wedding dress!
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Tooth Decay is the process of destruction of tooth structure. Tooth Decay is caused by the plague. Plaque is a sticky material that forms on the surface of teeth. Plaque can cause damage when it combines with sugars or starches, provided by food or drinks. This combination produces acids, which destroy enamel layer on teeth.
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