Sedation Dentistry for Patients- Smyrna, TN

Dr.Mike Glasmeier is an expert in IV and Oral Sedation discussing the needs for conscious sedation and other forms of anxiolysis for people who fear the dentist. Dr.Glasmeier has successfully treated hundreds of patients with various forms of sedation dentistry and restore a patient’s mouth to optimum oral health.
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Orthodontic specialist Fort Wayne Fort Wayne IN, Dr. Ron Cohen addresses the contradiction of beautiful straight teeth, and gum disease. Successful orthodontic work treats jaw and dental misalignment and ensures that the mouth is free of gum disease, and chronic infection. Cosmetic corrections of facial profiles and treatment of malocclusion are dental health issues and medical issues. Gum disease affects the overall health by attacking the immune system and large organs of the body, increasing the potential for developing heart disease. Orthodontic patients who wear dental braces must be diligent about maintaining optimum oral health regimens; thoroughly brushing and flossing the teeth daily to prevent bacteria from settling in between the teeth. It is also advised to avoid drinking sugary and acidic beverages. Proseal protects teeth from tooth decay while Suresmile diminishes time spent in dental braces. For more information about the Suresmile procedure please visit you local orthodontist. Orthodontic procedures of all types can be performed at Cohen Orthodontics, PC, of Fort Wayne, IN. For more videos please visit http Dr. Ron Cohen serves Fort Wayne IN, Huntertown IN, Leo IN, New Haven IN, and Arcola IN.
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